How to Repair Your Roof?

There are tiles of different materials and with different purposes that you can choose to protect the roof of your home. But, like any other material, they are subject to wear due to time, falling objects, temperatures and other factors. Whether to repair tiles is important to know that it is often easier to seal existing ones, than to try to replace the damaged parts, and there are several ways to do this.

Folding ladder

You will not want to walk on the tiles, because your weight can crack and further damage. If the repair is beyond the reach of eaves and come forced to move to the roof, we strongly suggest that you use a folding ladder with rubber feet. Support the same along the roof edge, the same angle as the roof. In this manner the ladder will spread the weight out through the rubber mounts through various areas, rather than focusing on individual tiles weight.

Clear Well Area

First, you must first clean the damaged area to ensure that the material to be used for the repair will seal properly and grab. Use a toothbrush or a wire brush fine tooth to remove any debris.
For best results, use water mixed with detergent to remove any dirt and debris leaving dry for 24 hours prior to repair. Any remaining water will prevent the binding of the material and consequently will prevent the repair is properly sealed.

It is important to have some patience for this step, it is very important.

Seal with Silicone

Silicon, as a rule, is what provides durability and fidelity, making it ideal for use in materials exposed outdoors. Apply it directly on the cracked area and press into the slot with your finger or a spatula, thereby filling the void. Clean the tile surface with a cloth soaked in mineral alcohol or acetone to remove any excess silicone visible around the edges of the tile.
Much attention is necessary in this step because we can not take too much silicone or very unevenly as in this case, could eventually rise with time and again pour into the interior. Source: