Roblox Security Program Need to be Reviewed

An e-safety training company has warned parents to check their children’s accounts for a game after safety worries were raised. Roblox, an online platform that allows users to design their own video games and play a wide variety of various kinds of games, is a popular game for those aged between five and ten.

However, Essex-based business EST E Safety Teaching is warning parents about the potential risks posed by the game, read more about how to get free robux for more info. In a post on its Facebook web page, the company wrote: “We were talking to a very large group of year 1 college students and we were shocked when over 50 percent of them said they were playing ROBLOX. When we spoke to Yr 2 at least 70 percent of them were playing the game.

“Most of these children in that case disclosed that that they had online good friends in ROBLOX that their father and mother didnt find out about.

“It acquired worse when lots of the children stated that they had received many in video game messages from strangers and they hadnt told their father and mother. Each of the children then explained that that they had seen naked characters travelling the overall game and that the people were doing very mature things.

“The inappropriate content possesses been disclosed to us a large number of times by small children but we had been previously unaware that the kids were being sent countless messages.

“When speaking with Year 3 pupils they suggested that the majority of the text messages are inappropriate. In every cases the kids arent telling their father and mother.

“The business added that kids were speaking with strangers via headphones.”

It encouraged parents to check on their children’s take into account the good friends they have on the overall game and also check the communication inbox on the overall game for inappropriate text messages.


Roblox has explained the safety of its network is its “priority”. It encouraged parents to make certain those under 13 who were utilizing the site, where employing the under 13 version, which includes heightened safety protocols.

A spokesman added that the chat filtering on the overall game was “best-of-breed, third-party computer software system created especially to find offensive dialect and flag it”.

A spokesman added: “All this is supported by a moderator network that uses our in-house team to examine every image, audio tracks, and video file that’s uploaded to your site or into some of our game titles. If users or their father and mother are witnessing any terrible behavior in the overall game, we desire them to flag the misuse report function in the overall game in order that these participants could be handled by the Roblox team.

“Together you want to use parents and the city to remain vigilant over todays on line landscape and continue steadily to build best practices in order to avoid negative situations. We wish to make sure that users know about the potential issues and get around them through it.