Revere Pewter, The Great Gray Color in Town

Revere pewter becomes popular color which is introduced by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore introduces it in his website for the first time. The revere pewter is not gray in common, but it has the different in warm tone. Benjamin Moore describes it as the undertone in light gray that shows the calm and restore. It can be said that the revere pewter is the transitional color. This color is perfect to apply in open floor plan, because it has the warm undertone.


Some people say that the revere pewter is the perfect color to all rooms. You can appy this color in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. The trim color can help you to find the perfect color in each room. The revere pewter looks a bit too “muddy” for some people that wants the bright color. This gray is not fresh enough to your clean palette. If you think that you want a fresh look in a room, you can choose another gray. Eventhough this color looks too “muddy”, the revere pewter still looks gorgeous in open space.

Revere Pewter

The undertone of revere pewter is warmer than other traditional gray in paint colors. This will look like a common gray, which is very sneaky. You do not be worry, because some factors can influence the undertone of revere pewter. The artificial or furniture can brighten the color of revere pewter. This revere pewter also can look greener or muddy undertone. It can be seen when you compare the revere pewter with the gray color in cousins. Set the exposure in a room can help you to found the right warm gray.

At sometime, the revere pewter will looks blue tone that reminds you to Stonington Gray. The multiple of blue tone itself is influenced by the exposure lightning or the paired of cabinets. You have to careful to choose the multiple exposure that is applied in a room. If you do not want to choose the wrong color of revere pewter, you have to do a good sample and move around. For your note, the revere pewter is not the good color to appear the clean and fresh atmosphere in a room.

Like the statement before, revere pewter looks too “muddy” and green. We do not talk that muddy is a bad thing, but you have to consider it. Muddy is perfect to you whom loves the earth toned color and relaxing feel. This color is not a good choice to you whom loves the fresh mood in a common. The LRV of revere pewter is adjust to north or south room. It can be said that revere pewter is the great color for almost every room. It can be look well in a bright color or vice versa. In a dark room, it looks murky and flat, so you need the lightened to rise another gray in paint color. Do not worry to look too much, the revere pewter can be seen natural as you see.