Using Ointment in Male Hair

If you ever been disappointed after cutting the hair and realize that at home, it is not the same way it was to be cut at the salon, maybe it’s time to invest in a good hair ointment to imitate the hairstyle.

It helps to set the hair without many marks the cut and, unlike gel or wax model, the cream does not leave that wet look.

To stay longer and at the same time, a more natural look, use the hair ointments is the best option: you can still move the hair throughout the day and handle it in the best way without spoiling the hairstyle. As these ointments take enough oil in its formula, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo anti-waste time to remove the product. So your scalp breathes and you avoid falling wires.

Here are some tips on how to apply the product in your hair:

  1. Just a little ointment on the fingers is enough. Do not rub the whole hand, just use your fingertips to melt the product.
  2. To pass the hair, make light movements and try to imitate the direction of the cut made in the hall.
  3. If you find that little put ointment, take a little more and go applying gradually, this is the biggest secret to have more control.
  4. After applying the ointment, arrange the hair in the desired format and adjust the locks.
  5. You can style your hair according to your wish. The most modern is a little more open and provide volume; if you want something more discreet, make moves forward and create a discrete tuft.
  6. If your hair is curly, the ointment-based oil is the best option. naturally curly wires have a more rough, dry appearance and therefore apply a little more oily product balances the characteristics of your hair and defines curls to perfection.