Why do People Mend Relationships?

It ‘s happened to me. Also it happened to a bunch of my friends. You just finished with that girlfriend likes you and, in a very short time, she’s already dating another guy. But this is not exclusive to women. This is something that also happens with men, gays. lesbians … Anyway, human beings in general. The body not cooled yet and there they are parading around with someone else.

I believe that engages a dating on the other is the habit of someone who simply can not handle alone. Or himself.

Yes, of course there are exceptions. But some people have a certain desperation to fill the emptiness inside you with others. What, for me, it is a big mistake.

When we finished a relationship we have to deal with conflicts and all those feelings that remain. It takes time to analyze what happened, reflect on the situation and think what you want – or not – for a future dating. You can go out for cruising, can make casual sex … but jump on a first relationship is a very strong sign of grace. This feeling is common in people who can not cope well with themselves. They are insecure and do not have a lot of emotional intelligence. Look for a partner just to fill the void within themselves and feel better in time to let the pillow at night. The problem is that this can become a big ball of snow emotional with bad consequences for both sides of the relationship. My advice here is: before starting the new, overcome old. Enter a new relationship with mind and open heart. It will do well for you and your companion.