August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Home

In the era of multi-dimensional crisis now a lot of our communities that lack of funds to meet the needs of daily life, and therefore many in our society who take shortcuts to make ends meet by any means, such as breaking into a house when the homeowners are not at home.

What is the function of the August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Home? This is very important because over time and culture it is called the fence has not only serves as a barrier or a safety course, but there are many other uses need to be adjusted so that the fence design with it. For example August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Home focus as a safety then it could be made of barbed wire without having to pay attention to the safety as if made with exquisite design actually be costly and take a long time to buy it, while a fence whose function is to beautify the facade of the house then its design need to be adjusted to the model the architecture of the house. So what other functions? Here we will try to explore the various uses residential August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Home, perhaps can be beneficial for those who are in need of this picture.

With the development of technology today, it is a challenge for us to create a simple tool but it has an accurate precision and accuracy. Here the author would like to try explores a tool controlled by a Phototransistor and two infra red fruit that is August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Home. This tool was created to facilitate the work of man.

The higher the crime rate makes a lot of people hard to get a sense of security. Bad things can happen anywhere like, in offices, in stores, in banks, even at home though. All that can happen on every occasion, sometimes the suspect was no exception people nearby. How to get a sense of security? Safe state can be created and it can be done first in the most basic, namely the house. As was said, home is the heart of life that should be a source of peace, source of inspiration and a source of energy for its owner. So, in order to create a sense of security itself, efforts must be undertaken. One of the effective measures that can be done to create a sense of security while at home is by the use of smart lock.

While CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a digital video camera device that is used to send signals to the screen in a particular space or place. It has a goal to be able to monitor the situation and conditions of a particular place, so as to prevent the crimes or can be used as evidence of a crime. Quite often there have been a lot of cases of crime occurs in someone’s home. Criminal acts of stealing, kidnapping to murder. Therefore, it can be minimized with the installation of CCTV at home. With the use of CCTV in several important angles, all of which occurred in the home can be monitored on a daily basis. Is needed only cable and monitor to the results of the CCTV footage.

During this time some people we only know the system of traditional security tools. Like a gong, drum and pestle. Traditional security tools such systems can only be operated manually by the surrounding communities who do not happen to see any guests invited to a home, by hitting the traditional security tools, so that people around hear the sound generated from the traditional security tools.

While the use of detectors home security, stability andthe accuracy of detection of the existence of an uninvited guest is something very important. At a series of simple, does not need a power supply that big.

Home alarms use batteries LR 44 3 pieces.

Can be mounted on the door / window / drawer / cupboard, etc. Simply affixed using double tip that is already available.ON to use the alarm at night / before you sleep or when you’re out of the house.A loud alarm will sound if there are open.Simply select Off when not in use.

August Smart Key Smart Lock Intelligent Homeadvantages:

  1. This alarm can be installed in a door or window or a drawer.
  2. The way the device works is if a door or window open, the alarm system will sound with a sound very loud
  3. Does not damage the door enough in use double stick tip that is already available.
  4. Alarm has a very loud sound power

Guaranteed can make panic thief :

  1. The product is needed by all levels of society.
  2. The product price is very affordable for all layers or the community.
  3. Low alarm is already global.