Asus ultrawide monitor new features and amazing details

asus ultrawide monitorFeel the new sensation into the digital world with Asus ultrawide monitor, a curved monitor of 36 inch ultrawide up to 3440 x 1440 resolution and 21: 9 ratio can provide a very real panoramic view in front of you. the sensation of the visual is very real because of the additional display technology from NVidia g-sync that supports 100 Hz refresh rate until you can get a very smooth display and very fast response on the change of each pixel when playing games or watching movies. Asus ultrawide monitor also becomes increasingly looks very dashing and sturdy because of the addition of armored design and unique ASUS features for each of your activities.

Speaking of details, ASUS really has been paying attention to this by presenting technology that can guarantee the density of up to 109 pixels each inch, this means you can get a view that is so detailed when playing games or watching movies. This very detailed look can also make you get a new sensation in playing the game, different from before. In addition, a very large display also gives you 35 inch more space even when compared to WQHD monitor though, you can display multiple windows at once in one screen only and finish each job faster.

With all of the features that are previously mentioned, we are sure that you are interested in this product. This product is really a new definition of ultra wide monitor. It sets a new bar in the ultra-wide monitor product, giving us many features and also benefits. Overall, this type of wide monitor are perfect for many kinds of things. From seeing movies, using it to play games, or displaying pictures in the most realistic way. All of the features included within this monitor says that this ultra-wide monitor from ASUS is really worth your fortune.